After about a month long hiatus, I’m back. Let’s get right into it folks.

I have been a fan of combat sports for a while now. The focus however has been on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. I have always wanted to delve into the world of boxing yet it can be tough to figure out all the top fighters, who is fighting for what promotions, and all the other jazz that goes along with boxing. This is why when I heard about The 3 Knockdown Rule podcast I  added it to my list right away.  Not only did the show not disappoint,  it also seems to be the perfect show to help get me up to date on boxing and was quickly added to my subscriptions.

The iTunes description simply describes the show as “Mario Lopez and Steve Kim address 3 topics from the latest news in the boxing world…” and the three point format seems to be the special sauce for the show. The three point format keeps the show nice and simple. It helps ensure Mario and Steve cover at least the meat and potatoes of boxing news. Each show covers this past week’s fights and what came from them, any upcoming fights, and then ends with a fun ‘final flurries’ and/or ‘ask Mario’ where the hosts talk about general current events or answer questions.

The Speed Read

Mario and Steve definitely know their sh*t when it comes to boxing. From my perspective as someone new to the sport, Boxing seems to be incredibly complicated. In addition to the quite nuanced skill to boxing, there are also several promoters, plenty of talented fighters, and all sorts of politics and business that goes on. Part of what is great about The 3 Knockdown Rule is the fact that it tends to cover each aspect of boxing. Steve and Mario will often break down fights as well as analyze how things may work from a political or business end.  This not only helps to cover all the different aspects in the boxing world but also helps me to connect the dots as far as who does what with what promotions and all that jazz.

Another perk of the show is that it is not too dense. As someone with very little knowledge of the world of boxing, I can more or less keep up. The show isn’t just for newbies like me though. Like I said earlier Mario and Steve know their sh*t and love what they do. Because of this the show doesn’t feel ‘dumbed down’ for someone new to boxing. For the more ‘advanced’ fan this show is perfect for keep up with everything in a simple bite-sized fashion.

The real selling point of The 3 Knockdown Rule, however, is the simple three-part format. The format ensures that each part of the boxing world gets its fair share and makes things easily digestible. The 3 Knockdown Rule isn’t a show where the hosts spend hours in the weeds. It’s quick and covers exactly what you need to hear. Steve even seems to have this sixth sense where he knows when a topic has been discussed enough. At just the right time he hurries things along to the next topic. Yet somehow the show never feels too quick or rushed. The show seems to be perfect for stay up to date on the world of boxing.

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The 3 Knockdown Rule seems to be a great show for any boxing fan. For me, in particular, it is perfect to help me get into the whole world of boxing. My subscription list has gained yet another podcast and I can’t wait to get deeper into the world of boxing.