In the  realm of podcasts that I listen to Aubrey Marcus and Onnit get mentioned  quite a bit.  For that reason I follow Aubrey and have always been intrigued  by his open mindset and  position on psychedelics.  This made the Aubrey Marcus Podcast an easy one to add to the list of shows to sample.

The Quick Read:

“I’ve spent a lifetime pressing all the proverbial buttons in the game of life…”  is the phrase in the Aubrey Marcus Podcast iTunes description that grabs my attention. In my opinion this podcast is all about finding out how to press buttons in the game of life. Each week Aubrey brings in someone to go deep and talk about how to optimize the mind, body, or spirit.

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

It may be because  I  chose guests that  Aubrey knows personally but the show always seemed to have a really lighthearted feel. The show doesn’t feel like an interview as much as a conversation between friends.  It almost feels like you are listening in on a late night conversation about life and how to  get the most from it. Sure there are some of the standard interview points to help get background on someone but who wants to hear someone talk if you don’t have a clue where they’re coming from?

Once you get past the initial  few set-up questions and deep into the conversation you will come across a bunch of great take-aways. It seems like Aubrey has some way to focus in on what points are the most important.  How to reinvent yourself, how to stay motivated in life, overcoming fear. He has a way of skipping right to the moments people discovered  what they needed to do.

The Aubrey Marcus Podcast is almost an experiment of modern philosophy and spirituality.  Each episode tends to delve into one of  the two topics and will always get you thinking. In the Cub Swanson episode they dove into the idea of hitting rock bottom and those ideas for a while now. It can act as a  way to reset your life compass and give your some ideas to chew on.

If you are looking for motivation on how to improve your physical, mental, or spiritual well being the Aubrey Marcus Podcast is definitely  a show to check out.