As someone interested in the world of entrepreneurship, startups, and small businesses so Guy Raz’sHow I Built This‘ was something I wanted to check out. Since I am someone who geeks out over the details of starting a business so I really enjoyed this one. Due to getting  an inside look at the start of some big companies you get to hear about all the crazy things that happened in their early stages. As a result  it actually got a coveted spot on my ‘subscribed to‘ list. NPR, feel free to  hit me up and I’ll send you a certificate.

The Quick Read: 

How I Built This describes themselves as “a podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built. ” The term ‘stories’ is the key here.  Each episode is incredibly well produced (I mean, it is  NPR) and has a specific story arc it follows. It does an incredible job of taking you through the journey  while highlighting the struggles companies face along the way.  Stories about startups all too often seem to tell the story of an overnight success and skip over the struggles it takes to start your company.

In each episode Guy talks to a founder from a large and successful company that you probably already heard of and maybe haven’t thought about the story behind it. I mean, Chuck E. Cheese?  Who knew the story behind its creation was so interesting – or related to the creation of Atari for that matter?!  How I Built This is a great way to take a look inside companies and hear the story behind them. Especially if  entrepreneurship or startups interest you.

If you are an entrepreneur yourself there can also be  some takeaways in each episode. While taking a look at how companies like Airbnb or Atari overcame early struggles you get ideas to apply to your own company. These companies have  plenty  of  small stories of how they got their first deals, raised money in a pinch, or came up with their company concept.  This is a great way to challenge your thinking  since you can apply it to your company.

Another interesting part of the show is the community aspect. At the end of each show Guy has a short segment on a company that a listener is starting. This  bite sized segment gives exposure to something a fan of the show is working on. The founder tells their story and has the same production value as the rest of the show. It is definitely   cool to see smaller companies getting some exposure for the work they’re doing.

In short, How I Built This  has something for full blown entrepreneurs or just those interested in the topic. Tune in each week for your fix of interesting and thought provoking stories  from the world of entrepreneurship.

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