Since most of the podcasts I listen to are interview format I decided to step into a different style of show and check out Lore. Lore is a show all about history’s most chilling tales and it definitely delivered.  I am always interested in the dark side of history, but I also tend to be a total bitch about scary stories so this one was definitely fun for me.

The Quick Read

Lore is a podcast about everything creepy and frightening in history.  Each week Lore puts out two episodes of high quality, well-researched, and thoroughly frightening content. Lore’s iTunes description says that “sometimes truth can be more frightening than fiction,” and boy is that true. Go listen to Lore for a look at the world of criminals, ghost stories, haunted houses and prisons, and much more.

Lore Thumbnail

Each episode of Lore seems to be in the 25-30 minute range. As a result, each episode is great for quick listening.  Need to take a trip to the store? Run an errand?  Short commute to work? Lore is there to give you something really interesting to get your blood pumping. In addition, each episode is very well produced and does a great job of telling the story at hand.   Also, the short nature of the shows gives you just enough time to run an errand and learn a bit about a moment in history.

Because of the length and storytelling style of the show, each episode makes you want to dig into more of the history of what happened. Due to the historical aspect of episode  52: Negative Consequences  I found myself looking up other little surrounding the story to learn more about what happened.  It is interesting to take a look at history and see the way people handle a tragic event. You can see the similarities to the ways we do today. Either way, the story always ends up giving you chills.

Each story is eerie, creepy, and more often than not gave me goosebumps.  To be fair I tend to be a total bitch about horror stories but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them! It does, however, mean that I find myself overreacting to every noise I hear in my apartment.  Each episode of Lore is a good mix of horror, history, and excellent storytelling.  If you want to inject some bite-sized bits of creepiness into your life, Lore is the way to go.